This is a failed presidency.

Already, even before the midterm elections, the Biden presidency has failed. It has lost its connection with the American people.

Let me ask you: If this president went on television to address the nation on gas prices and inflation, do you think anything he said would make a difference? Most people would say “no.”  And that’s sad, because that shouldn’t be the case with the president. There should always be room for him to make a connection with the people of America.

This is a failed White House. Democrats know it. And the Democrats running for re-election really know it.

One reason this White House has failed so miserably the way the Biden presidency was sold to the public, including independent voters. This was going to be a mature White House, a more bipartisan White House, a grown-up White House. Instead, this has been the most stumbling, bumbling administration and president I’ve seen since — well, Jimmy Carter didn’t do terribly well. But that was because he was a micro-manager. He was an engineer. He was a smart person.

Now, I’m not saying Joe Biden hasn’t had a successful 50-year career in public office. But I’m telling you right now, he has no sense of business. His communication skills are inept and awkward. You feel badly for him every time he talks, because — well, what’s he supposed to say? The White House doesn’t know what it’s doing.

When you see the president in Pennsylvania, frustrated and yelling at people saying, ‘Stop asking me about federal spending and inflation’ — you know there’s a problem. He’s angry, he’s not having any fun doing the job. Look, I admit it — I wouldn’t want to be president. But Biden decided to run. He asked for this job.

I remember doing an interview with him here in New Hampshire during the presidential primaries and I asked him why he was running for president at this stage in his life? He’d run so many times before, he was a two-term vice president, he was approaching 80 years old. Why?

He told me he ran because he thought the nation really needed him. He had to save the nation by bringing us all together. That’s what his grandchildren told him he needed to do, he said.

But what I see is a White House that is tearing people apart on just about every issue.

And when they get frustrated, they start pointing fingers: At the Republicans, for not having an answer to inflation. At American oil companies, who employ hundreds of thousands of people and also invest in new, green technology.

These companies produce the oil and gas we need — not just for your car or truck, but for the plastic in your cellphone cover. For the materials we need to pave our roads and highways, and the fuel for our power utilities. And that’s why Liberty Utilities is raising electric rates in August by 47 percent, because of the cost of the natural gas required to make it.

The Biden administration tried to shut down American oil and gas production when it took office, and now it’s paying for it and knows it. It’s going to result in complete and utter failure in November, because people are going to vote with their pocketbooks.

You can’t expect Americans, especially those on a fixed income, to just take it as they pay $5 a gallon for gasoline, or the high prices hitting the grocery store, or the interest rates on a mortgage that are heading to six percent.

To a lot of Americans, it looks like the White House could care less.

And that’s why this is a failed presidency.