On Saturday, February 4, 2023, New Hampshire’s all-Democrat federal delegation failed to convince the Democrat National Committee and Joe Biden that New Hampshire should keep the over 100-year tradition of being the First in the Nation Primary.

The result is a plan to keep Joe Biden in power and punish New Hampshire voters.

This action should come as no surprise to Granite Staters. New Hampshire’s all-Democrat delegation has failed to ever put Granite Staters first. Our federal delegation is utterly beholden to Joe Biden and the Democrat National Committee. Our all-Democrat delegation could not even be bothered to use their voices in the House and Senate to put Granite Staters first, refusing to go to a presidential ball was all they could be bothered to do.

Joe Biden’s plan to remove New Hampshire from going first is an attempt to fix the primary in Biden’s favor. Joe Biden has never done well in New Hampshire primaries. In all three of his presidential runs, he failed to convince Granite Staters he was the right choice to lead the country. During the 2020 Democrat primaries, Joe Biden could not even be bothered to watch the votes roll in, electing to go to South Carolina before New Hampshire could even tally the totals.

Interestingly the calendar Joe Biden has endorsed, and the Democrat National Committee has approved, puts South Carolina first. This is Joe Biden and the Democrats’ plan to control the outcome of their primaries. It is disturbing that Democrats would try and protect a president who is so unpopular within the U.S. and would not win the New Hampshire primary for the fourth time.

That’s the view of Neil Levesque, executive director of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics. He has seen untold candidates come and go over New Hampshire, and he says he’s never seen anything like this.

“I think the White House is clearly trying to rig and change the election schedule and calendar to the best advantage of the incumbent president,” he told the Voice of America news organization.

Campaigning in New Hampshire is not about how much money you have or how well-known you are. It’s about having real conversations with Granite Staters, something Joe Biden has failed to do his entire career.

It is time for change. Americans cannot afford another four years of Joe Biden. New Hampshire deserves better from our all-Democrat federal delegation, it’s time to elect Republicans.

Make no mistake, this is Joe Biden’s revenge.