Hillary has another thing to resent.

Joe Biden took her smear of those prone to vote against her as “deplorables” and elevated it to branding about 74 million Americans as Enemies of his State. One can’t unleash 87,000 IRS agents on people who are merely deplorable. No, to use the full force of government authority against those who may resist his failing globalist agenda, one that promotes the interests of the Chinese Communist Party over the interests of middle America, the opposition must be dehumanized as a threat.

It’s the kind of rhetoric that hasn’t been heard in the United States since FDR decided he was going to inter Japanese Americans. It’s the kind of rhetoric used against Jews, Gypsies, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and gay people in pre-World War II Germany to marginalize them and rally a political base by creating a sense of superiority and evil righteousness.

Biden’s motivations are the same. With common awareness of violence and threats of violence coming more from the dangerous left, he is looking to unite his base that has badly split against him. He must deflect and distract from his vast array of severe policy failures.

He botched Afghanistan to spend even more money on Ukraine after tacitly encouraging the Russian invasion; he daily violates federal immigration law by turning border patrol into a concierge service; he destroyed the immense good and power flowing from energy independence; inflation runs amuck; supply chains broke down; and major cities are under assault from within by a rapid rise in violent crime. There’s more. We know there’s more.

But none of these must be spoken of if you are the aggressive left. The ugly attack on fellow Americans serves his short-term political needs. Make policy discussions off limits. Intimidate and silence opposition.

This strategy is happening in New Hampshire as well. Democrats are avoiding honest discussions of policy and instead attack, insult and misrepresent. From Rep. David Meuse’s referring to the New Hampshire GOP as the Taliban. To accusations of being anti-woman by Planned Parent legislators. To accusations of being anti-education. The insults and slurs replace considered policy discussions.

Who are we? Last year, the New Hampshire legislature passed one of the most conservative and fiscally responsible budgets that our state has ever seen. We balanced the budget while reducing tax rates for businesses and appropriating $300 million in property tax relief. Our treasury swelled with an enormous inflow of new revenues allowing us to fund the quarter-billion dollars in our Rainy-Day Fund. We recognized that at 24-weeks, the yet-to-be-born enjoy the same human rights that we all celebrate. We improved the academic environment of the state by providing parents more control over the setting in which their child is educated and enhancing anti-discrimination protections for all students.

I encourage all Republicans, don’t let the left define you. You do you. You do policy that benefits our great state. When they low crawl on the low road, walk confidently explaining why our approaches to limited, accountable, rights respecting self-government are leading to greater societal happiness.

I encourage voters to expect and demand better. Vote. Now is not the time for apathy or to assume the Left always wins. It’s better for all of us if we don’t follow down DC’s highway to Hell. Let’s take our victory in November and protect New Hampshire.