When Republican State Committee members receive their ballot for NHGOP Chair on Saturday, they will have two choices. But there’s a clear standout we should all unite to elect: Chris Ager.

The next chairman will come into a much more stable party with the opportunity to build on and defend Republican majorities that have achieved policy wins benefiting Granite Staters. Doing so, however, will not be without challenges.

Four years ago the state party was in the dumpster. Bankrupt, unstaffed, and ineffective. As we approach Saturday’s annual meeting, we know that we’ve made progress. The bills are paid and we have strong candidates to lead this party to victory. But, we’re still understaffed and we aren’t awash in funding to support Republican candidates.

The 2024 election will be critical for the New Hampshire Republican Party. Republicans have not won electoral votes here in more than two decades, it has been nearly a decade without a Republican congressman, and we haven’t performed as well as we could have at the State House level.

Our next chairman will need to correct all of these issues, unify the party, and must perform better on November 5, 2024, lest our state fall into the hands of those who wish to turn us into Massachusetts North.

I know that Chris Ager is the right man for the job and is stepping up at exactly the right time.

Chris has proven time and time again that he’s there in the trenches with those of us serving. He’s there with the grassroots activists who are doing the hard work or persuading voters. He’s there when he says he’ll be there doing exactly what he said he’ll do.

Ager, in his role as Hillsborough County Chair, quadrupled its fundraising in just four years by employing a strategic plan, empowering the people around him, and executing that plan. In that time he has built the skills, knowledge, and relationships that will be key to raising funds for the state party and will employ the same strategy. Clearly stated goals, a team empowered to get the job done, and a chair that will execute the plan and hold himself accountable.

Fundraising is certainly an important aspect of the next chairman’s role, but it’s not the only ability that matters. We’ve been hearing lofty fundraising promises at every annual meeting since I’ve been around. And with limited exceptions, we’ve failed.

To ensure we don’t fail, let’s elect a leader. One who can build diverse teams, employ everyone according to their skills and passions, and unify and redirect New Hampshire Republicans toward our shared vision: Republican victory.

As I near a decade as the people’s representative from Salem, I’ve met a lot of so-called “leaders.” But most have lacked that quality. Chris Ager has the right stuff. Please join me in voting for Chris Ager for NHGOP Chair on Saturday, Jan. 28.