One of my favorite parts of New Hampshire is your state motto.

‘Live free or die’ is the motto I have led by in Florida, and it’s the mindset I’ll bring to the White House as president.

On issue after issue, I have fought back against every government scheme on our freedoms.

I protected citizens’ Second Amendment rights and delivered constitutional carry for the people of Florida.

I kneecapped big corporations from imposing their agenda and picking winners and losers in private business based on a political litmus test.

I led the nation in unmasking central bank digital currency as a scheme of control and championed legislation to prevent it from ever being recognized.

I put the indoctrination camps in our public universities out of business by defunding the discriminatory Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion cartel.

And I worked hard to relieve people of the freedom-limiting burden of wasteful big government.

I cut taxes for people on necessities, gas, baby items, and supplies.

I reduced every Florida taxpayer’s share of the state debt by actually paying down 25 percent of Florida’s debt. While each American currently holds a share of over $100,000 of the national debt, Florida’s per-person debt share is only $600.

And I ensured future Floridians weren’t burdened with uncontrolled government debt by running record budget surpluses year after year.

We cut spending, we reduced our bureaucracy, and we still provided better services and infrastructure than New York or California–who spend much, much more.

My record represents my attitude toward leadership: protect people’s freedoms and enhance people’s lives by keeping government small and fighting to proactively curb new schemes of government control. I’ll do the same in the White House.

But I’ll do even more than that. I’ll push for real government reforms as president to protect Americans’ freedom for generations to come.

I’ll advocate for term limits on Congress so we have fewer career politicians using our government as their personal piggyback.

I’ll advocate for a line-item veto as president–and I’ll use it to cut wasteful spending.

And I’ll advocate for a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution to force Congress to get its spending habits under control.

Perhaps most importantly, I will close the southern border and hold the Mexican drug cartels accountable. Unrestrained illegal immigration steals freedom and opportunity from everyone. And illegal drugs like fentanyl coming across the border rob freedom from our future generations. This problem ends once and for all under my administration.

We have it within our power to give a new birth of freedom to this country and usher in a revival of the American spirit. I envision an America where people are free to live, work, earn, and thrive. Support me in the coming New Hampshire primary, and I will embody the live free or die spirit as your next president.