The United States is the Titanic, and we bicker over who should man the helm two and a half minutes after the iceberg has been struck.

The national debt stands at a whopping $33 trillion as of this October, which equates to roughly $100,000 per person living in the United States. At no point have the bond sales creating this debt ever been voted on, let alone approved by the public at large. Instead, an unelected group of seven board members at the Federal Reserve, in tandem with an unelected treasury secretary, facilitate the sale of bonds to pay for things detailed in grotesque “omnibus” bills that almost nobody reads and even fewer understand.

While the official 12-month consumer price index sits at 4.1 percent, the Bureau of Labor Statistics fabricates that number by ignoring food, energy, and used cars and then applying “substitution effects” to create a more politically favorable number. An unbiased sample of goods and services shows the 12-month inflation rate at a whopping 24 percent. Meanwhile, what passes for Federal “leadership” continually drags the United States into every imaginable foreign conflict either through negligence, incompetence, or malice. Rest assured, not a single person in the nation’s capital will ever wield a weapon or be within 5,000 miles of any fighting, but they are eager to send your sons and daughters to fight, bleed, and possibly die in a conflict with several nuclear powers simply because they cannot let go of a worldview that ceased to be relevant in 1992.

If the economics of things sounds purely academic to you, consider that the nation hasn’t been this polarized since the Civil War. More than a third of the nation wanted to fine or imprison people who opposed vaccine mandates, and nearly a fifth wanted to take the children of people opposed to mandates away from them; the Merriam-Webster dictionary considers one an “anti-vaxxer” for opposing legal mandates for vaccination. Similar polarities can be found on virtually every topic, be it guns, taxes, abortion, environmental policy, or even the concept of free speech itself (now labeled by the federal government as “misinformation” whenever it counters the desired narrative). A third to half of the nation wants to see the remainder forcibly subjugated to suit their policy preferences.

The Union clearly no longer works as intended. The federal government runs roughshod over the 50 constituent states that made it. The congressional approval rating sits at a measly 17 percent, the acting president routinely gets lost on stage and can barely navigate stairs, and at least one sitting Supreme Court Justice cannot define the term “woman.” The federal government is run by deeply malicious people who gleefully label millions in the country “deplorables” or “domestic terrorists” and are spared the majority of their evil only by their own idiocy.

Even the northern border is in complete disarray again due to either negligence, incompetence, or malice of the Federal Government, which erroneously claims dominion over all the nation’s borders in direct violation of the 10th Amendment. Meanwhile, the top two contenders for president in 2024 are both geriatrics who belong in nursing homes, not running the nation.

These problems are systemic. They have been building for the last 40 years and are not fixable at this juncture. New Hampshire has a chance to leave this sinking ship before it drags us all under, however. The latest legislative attempt at secession only received 13 votes supporting it, but the effort should continue, and indeed, a committee to study secession is being formed to lay out a path to peacefully leaving the failing Union. The empire is dying–financially and culturally; Granite Staters can choose to go down with the sinking ship or abandon it.

Live Free, or Die.