In these turbulent times, the need for strong, unwavering leadership has never been more critical. As we grapple with escalating conflicts and mounting tensions worldwide, the call for leaders capable of delivering real solutions and ensuring the safety of our children, both at home and abroad, is nothing short of urgent. Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida stands as the leader we require, and here’s why I believe he’s the right choice.

The current Israel-Hamas conflict is a stark reminder of the imperative need for resolute leadership. In the midst of a crisis, we must have a leader capable of swift, well-considered decisions to protect American interests and citizens, no matter where they are. Gov. DeSantis, a former Navy officer, embodies this kind of leadership precisely. During the Israel-Hamas crisis, he ordered evacuation flights from Florida to rescue Americans in Israel. Nearly 300 people were safely evacuated in a matter of days, with more flights scheduled in the coming weeks. As a mother, this decisive action gives me a profound sense of reassurance that our government can act swiftly under the right leadership to safeguard our children, no matter where they are in the world.

In contrast, the current administration led by President Joe Biden has faced criticism for its perceived hesitant support of Israel’s right to self-defense. The Israel-Hamas conflict is one of the most significant crises our generation has witnessed, underscoring the importance of having a leader like Ron DeSantis, who can navigate international crises competently and competently. We need a leader who remains resolutely mission-focused and gets things done, especially when American lives are on the line.

Ambiguity and a lack of clarity in leadership statements during a crisis can exacerbate the situation. Former President Donald Trump’s remarks during the Israel-Hamas conflict left many puzzled and disappointed. His criticism of Israel’s leadership and his description of terrorists as “smart” were deeply troubling. This crisis represents one of the most significant attacks on the Jewish people since the Holocaust, and yet Trump’s stance appeared influenced by personal animosities, a concern that should never interfere with a leader’s judgment.

Nikki Haley’s flip-flopping on her position regarding accepting Palestinians into our country within hours of staking it out is equally concerning. In such a critical moment, we cannot afford leaders who waver on their positions or who virtue signal to left-wing media. Consistency and steadfastness are qualities we should expect from those running for the highest office in our country.

On the other hand, Gov. DeSantis has consistently shown unwavering support for Israel. In the face of one of the most severe crises in Israel’s history, his dedication to the long-standing partnership between the United States and Israel is commendable. DeSantis supports Israel while unequivocally condemning Hamas, showing that he does not yield to the pressures of the far-left mob and is unwavering in his stance against radical jihad. The moral clarity that DeSantis has displayed during this crisis, coupled with his principled and unwavering support for our allies, stands as a shining example of his leadership style.

Gov. DeSantis’s strong, principled leadership in the face of the Israel-Hamas crisis is a testament to his ability to make swift and well-considered decisions in times of crisis. His commitment to protecting American citizens abroad, exemplified by the evacuation flights from Florida to Israel, reassures us that our children will not be left stranded in times of danger.

In these tumultuous times, it is evident that Gov. Ron DeSantis is the leader our country needs. His decisive actions, unwavering support for our allies, and commitment to confronting those who threaten our safety are the qualities we need to navigate through these challenging moments. For the safety and well-being of our children, DeSantis is the right choice, not just for today but for the brighter and more prosperous future we all aspire to achieve.