Granite Staters recognize what a catastrophe Joe Biden’s administration has been for the American people. We have experienced the highest inflation since Jimmy Carter occupied the Oval Office. Gas prices soared to $5 a gallon last summer. For the first time, moms and dads could not find baby formula at the store. Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal felt like a repeat of Saigon. Biden’s administration has created crisis after crisis as it focuses instead on imposing an extreme ideological agenda vastly out of step with most Americans. 

Just like it took a successful Republican governor in Ronald Reagan to save America from Jimmy Carter, it will take another bold, dynamic Republican governor to rescue us from the disasters of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

As the First in the Nation Primary, Granite Staters set the course of history. It is crucial we rally behind a candidate who not only can defeat Joe Biden–but who can elect Republicans up and down the ballot to deliver our shared values for the American people. 

Gov. Ron DeSantis is that bold candidate we need, which is why I enthusiastically endorse his candidacy for president. 

DeSantis has demonstrated his commitment to conservative principles, successfully translating them into concrete accomplishments as Florida’s governor. From taxes and spending to education reform, to Second Amendment and parental rights, he has made Florida a bastion of freedom. 

Under his leadership, Florida has experienced tremendous economic prosperity. By championing pro-growth policies, cutting red tape, and lowering taxes, DeSantis has created an environment that attracts businesses, fosters job creation, and bolsters entrepreneurship. Florida’s unemployment rate has plummeted, its budget has the largest surplus in state history, and the state has become a haven for individuals seeking opportunities to thrive.

DeSantis has steadfastly advocated for school choice, education reform, and parental rights. He understands that empowering parents and providing options for their children’s education is vital to cultivating a strong and stable society. His bold initiatives, such as expanding school voucher programs and promoting vocational training, have shown his unwavering dedication to ensuring every child has access to a quality education.

Parents can rest assured they have a voice in Governor DeSantis. Despite enormous push-back from special interests and Hollywood elites, he put power back in the hands of parents–where it belongs. 

These victories for America are possible, but only if we win in 2024. DeSantis’ historic re-election victory last year, in which he defeated Biden’s hand-picked candidate by nearly 20 points, proves he is the only candidate in this race capable of defeating Biden and electing Republicans up and down the ticket to advance our shared values. Despite facing strong opposition, he not only secured a second term as governor but achieved an extraordinary feat by winning traditionally Democrat Miami-Dade County. That remarkable accomplishment is a testament to his ability to connect with the independent and swing voters we need to win and to effectively communicate conservative principles in a way that resonates with everyday Americans.

But, what moved me, above all else, about Gov. DeSantis was how he unconditionally loved and supported his wife, Casey, during her courageous fight against breast cancer. His devotion to her is a testament to his character and integrity–the kind of moral leadership America has been sorely lacking for too many years. Their journey showcased his strength of character, empathy, and unwavering support for his family. He and Casey are exactly the kinds of role models I want for my children and granddaughter. 

DeSantis’ conservative vision offers a clear alternative to the liberal policies that the current administration has enacted. His commitment to limited government, constitutional and parental rights, a strong military, and economic prosperity resonates with millions of Americans who are concerned about the direction in which our country is heading.

As we look toward the future, we need a leader who can uphold our conservative values, uplift our Republican Party to victory, and deliver tangible results. We cannot afford a repeat of 2020. It is why I am urging my fellow Granite Staters to join me in supporting Ron DeSantis to lead Our Great American Comeback.