Republican Crissy Kantor handily defeated Democrat Maxine Mosley 725-561 in the Manchester Ward 6 alderman race Tuesday night, a big special-election win for the GOP.

While the district trends Republican, the last time there was a special election in Ward 6 — May of 2021 —  Republican Sebastian Sharonov edged Democrat Scott Britton by just 14 votes. And in November, Republican House candidate Larry Gagne beat Mosley by just 24 votes in the same ward only after the courts intervened to force a full recount. Democrats went to court to block an accurate count when Mosley held a one-vote advantage.

As a result, Republicans greeted Kantor’s solid win with a sigh of relief.

“Kantor’s big win tonight is a testament to both her hard work to earn votes as well as Republican momentum in Ward 6. Congratulations, Crissy,” said House Majority Leader Jason Osborne (R-Auburn).

“I’m honored to be the alderman for Ward 6, so we can do what’s right for the taxpayers and come together and unite,” Kantor told the Union Leader after the votes were counted. “Let’s just do life smarter. Let’s bring back the joy.”

Campaign pros say the win comes in a marginally Republican district, so the margin of victory shows Republicans are getting better at their ground game, a good sign for the GOP.

“Special elections are a sign of which party’s base is more motivated,” said Greg Moore of Americans For Prosperity – New Hampshire.

Republicans Jay Ruais and Crissy Kantor on the Manchester campaign trail.

“Congrats to Alderman-elect Kantor. I know she will do great in City Hall,” said fellow Manchester Republican Rep. Ross Berry. “She just needs to make sure the Democrats don’t try to steal her victory like they tried to do in November in Ward 6.”

Another Republican watching the results closely is Jay Ruais, the only announced GOP candidate for mayor. He will need a high turnout in GOP strongholds if he hopes to replace Democrat Joyce Craig in November. Craig has formed an exploratory committee to prepare for a run for governor next year.

“Congratulations to Ward 6’s new Alderman Crissy Kantor for your tremendous win in the special election this evening!” Ruais tweeted.

Ward 1 Alderman Kevin Cavanaugh, Ward 2 Alderman Will Stewart, and At-Large Alderman June Trisciani are the three Democrats currently in the Manchester mayor’s race.