By now, I am sure you have heard about the Democrats’ assault on the First in the Nation Primary here in New Hampshire. For more than 100 years, New Hampshire has been the first state to hold its presidential primary election, and our state has consistently done a great job of vetting every candidate who hopes to gain the most powerful office in the world.

As New Hampshire’s Republican National Committeewoman, I always have and will continue to defend our primary status. In fact, the RNC has already voted to keep the calendar exactly as is. Unfortunately, the Democrats have not done the same. Instead of standing up and telling Granite Staters that our primary is safe, they decided to wait until the midterms are over to make their final decision.

Clearly, punting the issue until after the election is just the latest ploy to protect vulnerable incumbent Sen. Maggie Hassan. No one would want to run for reelection as the Democrat who cost our state the First in the Nation Primary.

In typical Hassan fashion, we will see her sporadically send out a press release or a tweet claiming she’ll stand up to Democrats and protect the primary. But with First in the Nation, just like every other major issue for Granite Staters, she’s all talk.

Where is her leadership? Why isn’t Hassan devoting any time to defending our historic primary? While Hassan supporters play defense and mindlessly answer those questions without a reality check, most of us who would be gravely disappointed to see New Hampshire’s historic First in the Nation primary casually thrown out the window, have more honest answers.

Maggie Hassan is out of touch with New Hampshire and is in line with D.C. Democrats. She does not care what happens in the Granite State as long as her buddies in D.C. like her. Hassan would rather play high school popularity games than serve her state with the integrity it deserves and has carried for over a hundred years.

Mark my words, Democrats will kill First in the Nation unless Democrats like Maggie Hassan stand up to their party and defend it.

Unfortunately, on this issue, like many others, Hassan is feckless and refuses to fight for what is best for Granite Staters. Take, for example, the newest massive spending bill that Hassan voted for, the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act.” In Hassan’s TV ads, she claims that she’s “Looking out for your money and demanding fiscal responsibility.” To quote Joe Biden, “What a bunch of malarkey.”

This new legislation will shrink the economy, kill thousands of jobs, impose crushing taxes on families and businesses, and worsen – not reduce – inflation. By voting for this bill, Maggie Hassan and the rest of New Hampshire’s delegation in Washington voted to raise Americans’ taxes as we face the possibility of a recession.

Don’t just take my word for it either. The Congressional Budget Office, the Penn Wharton Budget Model, the Tax Foundation, Moody’s Analytics, the Minneapolis Fed CEO, Bernie Sanders, and even Biden White House staffers have all said the bill would have basically no impact on inflation. In addition to the tax hikes Democrats are forcing on Americans, the bill also includes $80 billion for 87,000 new IRS agents. Alarmingly, the IRS audits Americans earning $25,000 annually five times more than other income groups. Senator Hassan can rest assured that Granite Staters don’t want her 87,000 additional IRS agents sent our way.

So, what’s the Maggie Hassan agenda? D.C. before New Hampshire. Popularity among frauds a priority. Changing history for worse, not better. Shrinking the economy while expanding debt and raising taxes.

So much for fiscal responsibility and standing up for Granite Staters. Sen. Hassan, either stand up for the people you represent or get voted out of office before your lies force New Hampshire to become the California of the East Coast.