Joe Biden’s dangerous open-border policies have made our country, and New Hampshire, less safe. As drugs and criminals flow over our borders, deadly poison like fentanyl continues to travel north to New Hampshire through Massachusetts cities like Lawrence and Lowell – devastating New Hampshire families.

The Biden administration’s open-border policies are a grave public safety threat to every state, including New Hampshire. Joe Biden isn’t doing his job to fix the massive problems on our southern border.

Governors across the country, including Gov. Chris Sununu, have stepped up to support Texas in the fight to stop America’s illegal immigration crisis. Additionally, Gov. Sununu made the right call to provide additional resources along New Hampshire’s northern border – protecting frontline communities in the North Country and sending a clear message that New Hampshire will not ignore the troubling increase in the number of illegal immigrants crossing over the Canadian border into our state.

A key focus of improving security at our northern border will be fixing the current communication issues facing law enforcement in the region to ensure that state and local departments can communicate across agencies and with federal authorities.

America’s governors shouldn’t have to do Joe Biden’s job for him, but I am thankful for their efforts. As governor, I will do everything in my power to secure our borders. It’s imperative that we slam the brakes on the radical Biden administration and blue-state policies that are a powerful magnet for even more illegal immigrants.

The millions of unvetted illegal immigrants pouring into our country don’t just stay in border states. They travel to cities and towns across our country, drawn by blue states and cities with sanctuary policies that encourage more illegal immigration. The result? Illegal immigrants are overwhelming these communities, severely draining local resources, driving crime, and destroying once-great American cities. We only need to look south to Massachusetts to see the disastrous results of the radical left’s dangerous policies.

To no one’s surprise, Massachusetts is reaping the consequences of its extreme sanctuary approach. The surge of illegal immigrants into Massachusetts has left the Bay State in a state of emergency, with illegal immigrants overrunning shelters and communities. Shockingly, Democrat Governor Maura Healey has asked residents to bring unvetted illegal immigrants into their private homes, and illegal immigrants were even squatting in terminals at Logan Airport. Illegal immigrants have been arrested for violent crimes, only to be released by the broken judicial system — returning dangerous criminals to the streets to threaten communities.

My Democrat opponents Joyce Craig and Cinde Warmington would bring these dangerous open-border and sanctuary policies to New Hampshire. On their watch, Massachusetts’ illegal immigrant crisis would become New Hampshire’s illegal immigrant crisis. If we don’t stop them, Craig and Warmington are ready to let our local businesses, homes, airports, and bus stops become shelters for illegal immigrants.

Joyce Craig was endorsed by her Massachusetts mentor, Maura Healey, and blindly parrots Massachusetts’ sanctuary policies. She even went as far as testifying against legislation that would’ve banned the implementation of sanctuary policies in New Hampshire.

Purdue Pharma lobbyist Cinde Warmington is no better. She marches in lockstep with Joe Biden, welcoming unvetted illegal immigrants and endless amounts of drugs into our country, worsening the drug crisis she got started through her work as a high-paid lobbyist shamelessly promoting opioids.

The urgent issues on our borders are dangerous and demand immediate action. We must re-establish law and order, stop the reckless policies of the Biden administration, and put our country first.

The solution is simple: secure the borders, deport illegal immigrants, and never allow sanctuary cities in New Hampshire. With a Republican in the White House, we will put an end to lawless open-border policies, secure our borders once again, and stop the flow of deadly fentanyl coming into our country and New Hampshire. Like Gov. Sununu, I will work with other governors to provide strong support in this fight and will always be a leader in the battle to secure our country.

As governor, I will never allow Democrats like Cinde Warmington or Joyce Craig to bring Massachusetts’ failed policies across the border and into New Hampshire communities and neighborhoods. I’ll stop any attempt from the left to MASS up our great state and will work every day to ensure New Hampshire remains safe, prosperous, and free.