The other day someone asked me why I support Bob Clegg in his race for Executive Council. The person knew that I was a devout Christian and was told not to support Clegg “because they are Christian.”

It became very obvious to me that someone is trying to corner the “evangelical vote” by spreading falsehoods about a man that I have come to know and have great respect for.

Needless to say I was horrified! Only God knows the sheep from the goats and the wheat from the tares. One may say, “well by their fruit you shall know them.” Jesus did say that. Love is the greatest of fruits when character is examined.

This was a long, but needed, introduction to my story about why I am supporting Bob Clegg for Executive Council.

A few months ago, Bob asked for my assistance in helping a local N.H. veteran. He knew that I run a professional cleaning service and have been doing charity work during the COVID-19 outbreak. Bob had heard that this man was living in what can only be described as squalor. His home was in disrepair and as a disabled veteran, he was in need of some assistance.

Bob is in the construction industry and had made it his mission to repair this proud veteran’s home free of charge. I was moved by Bob’s generosity and caring for this man that he did not even know. This was a veteran who served many branches in the military and survived three hellish tours in Vietnam.

Bob Clegg didn’t just give money for the project of restoration, he literally worked in the thick of this mess.

Most people only see life situations like this on reality TV shows like “Hoarders.” Bob Clegg in my humble opinion is the humble hero who is not afraid to work in an environment not fit for a living soul. No fanfare, just the satisfaction of being there for someone else. Love in action — not in word — is the point.

One more thing.  Jesus did say when you do your alms (good works) do not be like the hypocrites that sound a trumpet.

Let not the left hand know what the right hand does — in other words when you give to the poor and needy don’t call the media for fanfare, rather do it in private and God who sees all will reward you openly. I know Bob Clegg is a good man and someone that will do what is needed to help his fellow man. That is why he has my support.

I’m asking that you ignore the falsehoods spoken about Bob Clegg during the coming weeks. Bob Clegg is pro-life and holds the values that we share, but more importantly, he gives of himself without asking anything in return.

That is the best we can ever hope for in a public official.