The same day New Hampshire’s Democratic Party launched an online ad attacking him, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski announced he’s “much more likely” to challenge Democrat Jeanne Shaheen in 2020.

The attack ad labels Lewandowski, a longtime NHGOP operative, “the biggest swamp creature in DC,” and “a corrupt D.C. lobbyist New Hampshire can’t trust.” According to WMUR, the party has put a “sizeable buy” behind this ad.

In fact, the party was in such a rush to get the ad up, they left in watermarks from the graphic images they grabbed online to create it.


Not surprisingly, Lewandowski hit right back.  “The pathetic New Hampshire Democrats are targeting a private citizen who has not entered the U.S. Senate race because they want to hide the fact that Jeannie Sheehan votes with AOC more than with the people of New Hampshire,” he told NHJournal.  “She has become a multi-millionaire while serving in public office.  And she doesn’t have one signature piece of legislation that you can point to in the last 12 years.

“If I get into this race I will remind the voters that she voted against Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, while voting to continue to fund sanctuary cities so illegal immigrants can come into this country and kill American citizens.

“The contrast could not be more clear: my job as a United States Senator would be to put Americans First.”

And it’s a job he looks more likely to seek for every day. In an interview on the John Fredericks radio show today, Lewandowski said he’s leaning strongly toward running, and that his candidacy would help the entire NHGOP.

“If you ask me if I’m more or less likely to get in this race, I’m much more likely than just a week ago,” Lewandowski said. “I am closer today to announcing than I have ever been, and I don’t know if I can wait until October because Jeanne Shaheen is using my potential entry into this race to raise vast sums of money and I don’t want to give her that advantage.” Lewandowski suggested his announcement could come as soon as mid-September.

And, he claims, it would be a tremendous boon for the GOP ticket in New Hampshire “from top to bottom.”

“If I were to get into the race, it would excite the conservative base and those independents who are better off today than when Trump was elected, and bring them to the election.  The money that would come into this race if I’m involved is going to help, not only the presidential race, not only the Senate race, but the governor’s race, the state senate, the state house, and the Executive Council.

“My entry into this race is going to galvanize Republicans, really turn out those [Trump supporting] independents, and help everybody from the top of the ticket to the bottom.”

According to Wayne Lesperance, professor of political science at New England College, these early attacks from Democrats “show they are worried about his candidacy. If he runs, he will have access to the tremendous organization, resources, and a sympathetic media partner in FOX news that is as good as any GOTV effort Democrats have.

“Which is why, at this point, they want to make him an unacceptable choice.”