About NH Journal

NH Journal is an online news publication that covers a variety of news through a blend of aggregation, original reporting, wire feeds, user generated content and social media aggregation. We cover national, state and local news, from sports to politics to entertainment and everything in between.

NH Journal has a bipartisan editorial board dedicated to hard news and hard-hitting opinion. Every weekday morning, NH Journal distributes a daily briefing of the major news clips via “the Primer,” our e-mail news product. Registration to receive “the Primer” is free, so sign up today.

NH Journal welcomes feedback from its users.  Our comments feature is designed to give users maximum flexibility by allowing them to comment right on our site or via their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Our Twitter scroll aggregates any Tweet with the #NHJ hash tag. Users can post or comment on our Facebook fan page, which is aggregated to the front page of NH Journal.  Finally, users themselves can become citizen journalists or opinion bloggers on the site by signing up with our editors.

In the near future NH Journal will roll out new mobile news products, so stay tuned and keep visiting.