Former Republican State Chairman and one-time gubernatorial candidate Jack Kimball is urging his followers to “be alert” for an impending United Nations invasion of the Granite State.
In an email intercepted by NH Journal, Kimball relays a story that family members told him up to 60 white, “unmarked” military vehicles are “headed South [sic] toward NH.” Kimball comments that the “white vehicles sound more like UN trucks.” The trucks were hauling “fuel or water” and “other types of supplies,” according to Kimball.
Kimball’s truncated tenure as GOP Chair was characterized by staff shakeups and a rapid depletion of funds left behind for him by the previous Chair, John Sununu. Kimball later resigned as Chairman.
A copy of the email is posted below.
Hi Folks,
Just a quick heads up.  This morning my Daughter and Son-in-Law were on Route 95 headed North to Maine where they observed 40 – 50 unmarked white trucks and humvee type vehicles headed South toward NH.  There were also some cammo painted military type unmarked vehicles.  All of these trucks were being driven by Military personnel.  Some of them were clearly carrying fuel or water.  Others were carrying other types of supplies.  There were also some white buses interdisbursed in the group.  A bit later they encountered an additional ten 18 wheeler’s that were being driven by military personnel but were, once again, unmarked.  That’s roughly 60 vehicles.  Don’t know what they were doing or where they were going but the white vehicles sound more like UN trucks.  Be alert.