At least one New Hampshire Democrat appeared plum giddy over last week’s vandalism of New Hampshire Republican Party headquarters, briefly attacking the party for filing a police report in response to blatant law breaking.

“#NHGOP outraged by Christian graffiti,” read one tweet from Keith McCrea. “‘healthcare for all’ is bad? Hilarious. Who does the party represent, again?”

McCrea is a former campaign staffer for failed 2012 Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jackie Ciley, listed as “Director of Campaign Operations” in a press release from June of last year.

Further research also pegged him as a staffer for state Senator Martha Fuller Clark and as communications coordinator for “National education association – New Hampshire.”

Subsequent rebuke from Granite State GOPers were met with doubling-down.

“Why does the GOP hate Christ?” McCrea further mused, whilst dubbing the NH GOP’s response, which consisted of denouncement and filing a report with the Concord Police Department, “hilarious.”

Yet within 10 minutes a recant was issued.

“I in no way sought to defend breaking the law,” a follow-up tweet read.

Though McCrea deleted the inflammatory tweets whilst issuing the apology, NH Journal has obtained screenshots that can be viewed in sequence below.

NH GOP vandalism

NH GOP vandlism 2

NH GOP vandlism 3