Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is way out in front among potential 2016 Democratic presidential candidates while the Republican field is wide open with no real frontrunner, according to a New England College survey of Granite State registered voters conducted exclusively for NH Journal.

Clinton has a commanding lead among Democrats, with just over 65% of the vote. “Unsure” comes in second with around 19%, followed by Vice President Joe Biden with 8%. If New Hampshire’s senior Sen. Jeanne Shaheen were to launch a “favorite daughter” campaign, she would earn 6%. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley barely register with 1.5% and .6%, respectively.

The Republican field seems far less settled. A cluster of probable candidates trail “Unsure,” which leads the pack with almost 20% of the vote. Next come Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul with just over 19%, followed by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie with 17.5% and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio with just over 13%.

2012 Republican Vice Presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan (9.5%), Rick Santorum (5.5%), Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (2.5%), Texas Gov. Rick Perry (2.1%) and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (1.8%) all register in single digits.

If New Hampshire’s junior Sen. Kelly Ayotte were to launch a “favorite daughter” campaign in the Granite State, she would earn 8.6% of the vote.

The NEC Poll uses Interactive Voice Response technology to enable high response, accurate data collection on political races, policy issues and commercial considerations. This poll was conducted across a random sample of registered voters from New Hampshire. For the presidential polls there were 333 responses and a margin of error of 5.37% for the Democratic Primary and 326 responses and a margin of error of 5.42% for the Republican.