Complaints about liberal media bias can become tedious. The mainstream media is very liberal, that is well established. Griping about it rarely gets anyone anywhere. But occasionally, the collective groupthink of the elite establishment media becomes so biased that it actually needs to be called out.

We’ve seen that this week with the mainstream media’s coverage of Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s town hall meetings. The big media folks flocked to the Granite State this week as though it was the First-in-the-Nation presidential primary, all because they wanted to see Sen. Ayotte get yelled at for voting against a measure that would have expanded gun control.

The media certainly covered what they wanted to see. The New York Times, the Washington Post and Politico all created the impression that Ayotte faced a firestorm of criticism at her town hall meetings. Only Politico, in its second story on the controversy, bothered to mention the following:

But there is also ample support for the senator, with supporters holding up signs that said, “N.H. Stands with Kelly.” Ayotte received standing ovations from the crowd in this timber-industry town, drowning out those who were booing her. The National Rifle Association has also aired radio ads expressing its support for Ayotte.

The truth is, Ayotte enjoys a great deal of support for her vote in this Live Free or Die State. And the elite media would do well to shine a light on those who were protesting her, as Fox News did on Wednesday night. See the below clip featuring an Obama-sponsored protester holding a sign splattered with fake blood politicizing the Boston marathon bombing.

The New Hampshire Republican State Committee has already denounced the Obama organization for this over-the-top rhetoric. “It is outrageous that Democrats would use such appalling and disrespectful signs at an event that was officially organized and sanctioned by President Obama’s field operation. The President should be ashamed of the message that was approved and used by his organization at this protest because it is insensitive, unacceptable and has no place in our political discourse,” said executive director Matthew Slater.

In addition, NH Journal has obtained a series of photographs from the parking lots of Sen. Ayotte’s town hall meetings. The photos are of the protesters’ vehicles. As the reader can see, the mass of protesters appear to have commuted in from Vermont and Massachusetts. These protesters made for great props for the elite media. But they are not Sen. Ayotte’s constituents and they won’t have the privilege of voting in the 2016 election, when Ayotte is next up for re-election. Her supporters will.