On Tuesday, the New Hampshire chapter of Americans for Prosperity bestowed upon GraniteGrok’s Steve MacDonald the lofty title of ‘Blogger of the Month.’  On the surface, it seems odd that a respected organization like AFP would support strong Republican women like Senator Kelly Ayotte with one hand while bestowing kudos on a blog that has been repeatedly rebuked for its use of sexist language with the other, but let’s take a look at some of ‘Grok’s greatest hits and let you decide.

Here’s MacDonald using a prostitution-related metaphor to insult a female candidate for NHGOP Chair, with a cameo from yours truly (emphasis mine):

“NH Journal, you remember them, Shwn Millerick [sic], Pat Hynse [sic]…they specialize in political fiction…So does the Candidate NH Journal and the Establishment GOP are pimping for, Jennifer Horn, wish she was ‘someone else’ about now?”

Ignoring the fact that the concepts of spelling and grammar often seem foreign to our ‘Blogger of the Month,’ I must say I’ve never seen AFP use the term ‘pimping’ when referring to a female candidate in one of their press releases.

That said, it also seems like we should note who Steve Macdonald keeps company with. It’s really just best to let their words for speak for themselves. Take the title of a GraniteGrok piece from earlier this month: “Jennifer Horn – Wayne MacDonald in a Skirt?”

Referring to professional women as ‘skirts’ has become something of a trend among MacDonald and his fellow ‘Grokers.  It was about this time in 2010 that the blog referred to NH Journal’s Amelia Chassé as a ‘skirt,’ baselessly implying that she hadn’t written an article published under her name on our site.  From the

“It seems that Hynsie, the true political hack he is, can’t even front for himself anymore.  Instead, he has to go hide behind a skirt to have his dirty work done.”

On the upside, at least the good folks at GraniteGrok think women have some purpose.

So a female candidate’s run for Party Chair means that she’s being ‘pimped’ and every woman who voices an opinion or points out obvious facts is a ‘skirt.’

It’d almost be funny, if it were 1925.