A Republican reader (who is not a fan of Republican Chair candidate Andrew Hemingway) sends along a Politico story from October that featured Hemingway under the unhelpful headline, “Allen West Plagued by Scam PACs.”

The story recounts the mind-numbing volume of shady, fly-by-night PACs formed over the last two years ostensibly designed to help the pugnacious West, a conservative African-American Congressman from Florida. The unmistakable subtext of the story is that these PACs didn’t actually help West at all, but rather enriched the political operatives who formed the PACs.

Below is the portion relevant to Hemingway:

Among aspiring GOP players, the word has gotten out that the West name is a smart investment.

Andrew Hemingway, a young New Hampshire operative who ran Newt Gingrich’s primary campaign in the state, earlier this year created a group called “4RG.”

In an interview, Hemingway said that, as the name would suggest, he launched the outfit to elect a Republican governor in New Hampshire.

“We’re really focused on the race here with GOP gubernatorial candidate Ovide [Lamontagne],” he said.

When it was noted that his group had just that week sent an email out soliciting funds for West, Hemingway chuckled and said: “Uh, yeah, I mean, so, so yes,” before saying that he had only done so as part of an arrangement to give the funds to another conservative third-party group named Western Representation PAC.

“They have an Allen West defense fund and stuff like that,” explained Hemingway, mentioning his relationship with the group’s strategist, Dustin Stockton.

But Stockton said there was no such agreement.

“We don’t have a deal,” Stockton said, adding that 4RG’s willingness to send their proceeds his way “sounds very generous of Andrew.”