After having served a failed half-term as Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee – a term that ended in his last-second resignation just before being ousted – Jack Kimball may attempt to engineer a comeback and challenge Jennifer Horn for the post, sources tell NH Journal.

According to sources, Kimball will host a private strategy meeting on Friday to discuss the race for chairman and seek an opponent to Horn, who is backed by most party big-wigs. According to one source, if no other candidate emerges from the meeting, Kimball has said he would go for it.

Some of those invited to the meeting include Kimball, Skip Murphy, Diane Bitter, Joe Barton and Gerry and Sue DeLemus.

Kimball ran a successful anti-establishment campaign for chairman after the GOP’s only successful campaign cycle in sixteen years in 2010. He defeated the John H. Sununu-backed candidate Juliana Bergeron. Sununu left the party flush with cash and energized after a sweeping victory.  Kimball quickly drained the party funds nearly to the point on insolvency, depleted the party’s activist spirit and generated almost constant infighting. His chairmanship, which ended in his dramatic resignation, is remembered as one of the least successful in history.

On Thursday, Kimball distributed an incendiary e-mail that excoriated Republican Party leadership and tortured the English language worse than the detainees at Abu Ghraib:

Hi Patriots,

Well, just when you think things couldn’t get worse for the GOP, they just did.  A great candidate for State GOP Chair (Cliff Hurst) was FORCED to drop out of the race to clear the way for the Five Families choice of Jennifer Horn.  The NH GOP is now being run like a satellite of the Russian Federation.  Hell, why bother having a Convention at all?  Cliff Hurst is one of the most honorable men that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. His loyalty to the GOP is historic and unquestionable.  He is respected by virtually everyone in the Party, with very few exceptions.  His ability to organize and fundraise are second to none.  People trust him and were ready to rally to him as NH GOP Chair. He was the Party’s best hope for its unification. Now this!  All fair minded, Liberty loving Republicans MUST reject what is happening here.  The only people who should be choosing our next NH GOP Chair are the 500 eligible voters on the State Committee.  They should have the opportunity to evaluate all candidates in a free and fair election and then vote for whomever they think would be best for our Party and our State and once that decision is made, we all unite behind the winner and get back in the fight. Instead, the deck is now stacked.  Want to know why our Country is in the mess it’s in?  It’s partially because of things like this.  Personally, I hope that our Party has had enough!  It’s time to draw the line.  Remember, all it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do NOTHING!  How many of you have the courage of your convictions?  How many of you will step up and push back against this type of tyranny?  Who among you care enough to put an end to this?  What are you afraid of?  Enough is enough!

Feel free to send this to your list.


Jack Kimball

It should be noted that Horn ran Kimball’s transition team after he won the race for Chairman in 2011.

UPDATE: Skip Murphy tells NH Journal he was not invited to the meeting.

UPDATE: Joe Barton tells NH Journal he was not invited to the meeting.

UPDATE: Surprise! Diane Bitter tells NH Journal she was not invited to the meeting.