One day after Jack Kimball attacked New Hampshire’s Republican leadership for supporting Jennifer Horn for Chair of the party, several hours after NH Journal published a story reporting that Kimball was holding a meeting to recruit an alternative candidate to Horn, and only minutes after several people named in that story denied such a meeting ever took place and/or that they were in attendance … an alternative candidate to Jennifer Horn has nevertheless emerged.

That candidate is sometime contributor to NH Journal Andrew Hemingway.

Skip Murphy and Joe Barton, two conservative activists mentioned in the original NH Journal story, have denied they attended any meeting to recruit a candidate for chairman.

In fact Kimball told NH Journal the meeting never took place at all.

“Let me be clear:  I don’t know where you got your information but it is completely false,” Kimball told NH Journal. “I have held no meetings nor have I participated in meetings of any kind at any location that involved the NH GOP Chairmanship.”