In a shocking video obtained by NH Journal, Democrat Congressional candidate Ann McLane Kuster (NH-02) is seen attacking an amateur cameraman (Update: the New Hampshire Union Leader has identified the cameraman as a Charlie Bass campaign staffer), stealing his camera, blaming it all on her opponent Rep. Charlie Bass and cursing “F him” as she walks away. The video is shot in a wide open public location, not a private event.

“I’ll call Charlie [Bass],” Kuster says in the video. “And I will tell him when he can have his camera back.”

Kuster also claims in the video that the camera man is “harrassing” her, but campaign trackers, bloggers, regular voters and even reporters frequently use handheld cameras to record politicians.

Somewhat contrary to the jarring images in the below video, Kuster claims on her website that she “has spent her life bringing people together to strengthen New Hampshire.”

“I have spent my life bringing people together to get things done – regardless of political party,” she says in a press release available on her site.