In a Republican Primary, most candidates seek the support of conservative and right of center activists and organizations. But not John Reagan, who is seeking the Republican nomination for State Senate District 17 being vacated by the New Hampshire’s senior state senator Jack Barnes.

NH Republicans For Freedom & Equality, a liberal special interest group whose sole mission is to advocate for gay marriage in New Hampshire, sent out an expensive glossy mailer endorsing John Reagan today.

Most surprising was that the group neglected to mention that they organized their “PAC” earlier this year in an effort to elect pro-gay marriage candidates like John Reagan. In fact, they didn’t mention gay marriage in the mailing at all.

One leading New Hampshire conservative said, “The pro-gay marriage group clearly is attempting to mislead conservative Republican voters into believing that John Reagan is someone they can trust. But when conservatives realize that John Reagan has been endorsed by a pro-gay marriage group for voting in favor of gay marriage earlier this year, he won’t have a chance of winning the Republican nomination.”

According to the last NH Journal survey this past May, Republican voters oppose gay marriage 57% to 33%, but among conservative voters, 75% oppose gay marriage and only 15% support it.