The national gay marriage lobby group behind Standing Up for New Hampshire Families has privately used New Hampshire Democrats to volunteer and staff their activities despite posing for months as a Republican-friendly organization.

Standing Up for New Hampshire Families, which NH Journal has identified as an organization actually run out of New York and Washington, DC, has spent a tremendous amount of national money running ads designed to brand it as a Republican-leaning, pro-gay marriage organization. They have even appropriated the iconic red, white and blue Republican elephant in their advertising.

But recent e-mails obtained by NH Journal demonstrate that the manpower used to back their lobbying and allegedly grassroots efforts come exclusively from city and county Democrat organizations.

“You have to participate in either one of these phone banks tonight or Saturday,” directed James Hattan, co-chair of the Concord City Democrats to in an e-mail obtained by NH Journal. The phone banks are designed to trick Republican legislators that gay marriage has mainstream Republican support.

Similar e-mails were sent to other Democrat organizations urging them to pressure Republican lawmakers.

According to the e-mails, the ringleader of the phone bank and lobbying activity is Trevor Chandler. Chandler is a Democratic political operative who once worked for Rep. Paul Hodes (D-N.H.), whose Senate candidacy was rejected by Granite State voters in 2010.