Texas Gov. Rick Perry will begin airing television and radio ads in the first-in-the-nation Granite State on Wednesday, NH Journal has learned. Perry has begun running ads in Iowa, as well.

The ad, titled “I’m a Doer not a Talker” features Perry himself contrasting his political skills and jobs record against those of President Barack Obama.

Perry’s ad launch will coincide with New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner’s official announcement regarding the day of the New Hampshire primary.

“The ads focus on Governor Perry’s record of accomplishment particularly when it comes to job creation and are another sign of the campaign’s commitment to running hard in New Hampshire,” senior advisor Paul Young tells NH Journal. “We are going to use every avenue of communication to introduce Granite State voters to Rick Perry and his stellar record of achievement to demonstrate that he is the best choice to get America working again.”

Mr. Young is affiliated with NH Journal.